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Pomegranate Enamel Pin

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Pomegranates, with their ruby red seeds, are the culinary jewel of autumn and winter. A fruit enjoyed all over the ancient world, one of the most well-known myths involving pomegranates is from the Greeks: After Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and taken to be his wife in the underworld, Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, mourned the loss of her daughter, causing the earth's first fall and winter. Zeus commanded Hades to return Persephone, but in her hunger and thirst she had eaten six seeds of a pomegranate, binding her to the underworld for six months out of the year. 

Details, details:
- 1.22" wide
- Hard Enamel with gold finished metal
- Comes with a backer card, rubber clutch, and our logo back stamp.

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